Nov 21


We open on a forest scene, where the hues of greens and blues fill our scene. The canopy is so thick that it neither appears as day or night. The area is not completely familiar, however, as some obscurities are littered around. The world appears larger than usual, with mushrooms working as trees. We can tell from this already that we are not completely in the real world.

In the center o­f a small clearing is a girl, AUTUMN (14). She wakes, slowly gathering her faculties, and begins scanning the environment around her. It is completely foreign to her...



Dec 10


The team members are a part of the departments of Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and Integrated Digital Media (IDM) at New York University. This show took place in NYU MAGNET in Brooklyn on December 10th 2017, offering live performance and interactive installation, that feature motion capture, projection mapping, mixed reality, and more.