Character Design


Autumn is a slight, friendless, young, teenage girl that suffers from depression which has become such a weight that you can see the stress she carries in her body. She finds herself in an awful situation that brings her to purgatory.  Her younger sister Sophie is the most important person in her life and feels guilty for being so selfish to be in her current situation. Sophie is her light that ultimately brings Autumn the strength to fight the demons that have set obstacles for her. She comes out of purgatory wanting to turn a new leaf and move forward in life.


The Mourner is from the same land as Autumn, but has a ghostly appearance about him--- almost translucent. He is old, weary, and moves slowly in this world in which he has been living in for the past 10 years… He searches the world for his long lost daughter: Eloise, and follows the beast in hopes he might return her to him. Serves as a warning of what is to become of Autumn if she succumbs to her final, grandest beast.


The King is the ruler of these woods.  He towers over Autumn by being double her size. His body looks like a tree trunk and his crown looks like a mixture of antlers and tree branches.  It’s hard to see what he is made of because he is always in the shadows, but his glowing white eyes are always easy to spot. He is a being made of each passer’s greatest fears, and so literally embodies Autumn’s fears of inadequacy and loneliness. He lulls the lost children into the darkness until they are devoid of hope, and so in order to escape the woods Autumn must overcome her own misgivings, and conquer the beast.


World Design